Our services

Our practice provides a range of pet care services. If you have any questions about your pet’s need for treatment or a specific aspect of our service, please call the veterinary practice. Such services include:

  • Provisions for daily consultations, procedures and surgeries, provided by qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons.
  • Our fully qualified and trainee nurses run a series of in house clinics, to provide you with free information about your pet. Such clinics include a weight management clinic, diabetes clinic, dental clinic, “New Arrivals” clinic for puppies/kittens and an “After 8’s” club for older animals. If you feel your animal would benefit from enrolling into a clinic, please contact us. Our friendly and approachable nurses are also on hand throughout the day to provide advice and guidance.
  • We all know that keeping up to date with our pets “routine” requirements (such as worming, vaccination and de-fleaing) can be quite a challenge in our hectic lives! That is why, not only do we provide these services at a competitive rate, we aim to help you remember the dates and timings with handy reminders through the post.
  • We recommend that all pets are microchipped in case they are lost or stolen. This simple, cost effective procedure is quick and will allow your pet to be entered on a national database for life. This will allow your pet to be identified if they are presented to another vets, the police station or the council.
  • We offer a range of diets at the practice- allowing you to feed your family member a diet that you know your vet trusts.
  • We are able to offer breeding advice and relevant tests should you wish to pursue this.
  • As a practice, we strongly recommend animals that are not going to be mated should be neutered. Not only does neutering eliminate the chance of unwanted pregnancy, it has been shown to reduce the incidence of diseases such as breast cancer and eliminate the risk of uterine/testicular cancer. We are able to carry out the routine procedures within the day, and your pet should return home to you in the evening. If you wish to discuss further the benefits of neutering, or wish to book your animal in for neutering, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Our own in house laboratory for quick and efficient processing of blood and urine samples.
  • Links to high quality laboratories for processing of more complex or unusual samples.
  • We have excellent facilities for both radiography and ultrasound, both of which can help us greatly with the diagnosis of many diseases.
  • We are able to provide advice and passports for those pets traveling abroad under the Pet Passport Scheme. Please contact us prior to arrival to check that a vet qualified to sign your passport will be available.
  • We are also able to refer animals to specialist hospitals and centres in the area should they need a more complex or unusual treatment.
  • We are able to provide first opinion advice on more “unusual” pets such as rabbits, rodents, birds and reptiles.

Our trained dog groomer, Ceri, is able to provide a grooming service in both Barry and Rumney branches. With the vets and nurses close by you can be assured that your pet will be in experienced and knowledgeable hands. Our prices are competitive, and Ceri has a keen group of regulars who will all vouch for her excellent abilities.